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UPDATE! Oct 2004

Hi everyone!! I'm sorry the site never was put up, its been one distraction after another everytime Ive had a few min to myself...not to mention that Draven seems to have hit the peak of her energy levels lately. Ahh toddlers. Anyway, I am now moving the site to a new host and working on getting the site updated then uploaded...come hell or high water it will be up again soon! The new host does cost me money but I will still make sure the site is free for you to visit, but there will be a support link where you can either make a dontation or do a search for me (the company does pay and has paid me before when people serach) These are not requirements but would really help me pay for the hosting of the site.

So again I am terribly sorry. If your curious about what Ive been busy with , well that will all be on the new site. Thank you for your continued patience & the supportive emails asking me why the site wasn't up yet lol. The 1, 243 thousand of emails I recieved since last year are really what pushed me to get going again. . During the down time we've had over 1000 hits. Thanks for the great compliment!!


I created this site in hopes to better inform other parents as to the joys of natural childbirth & the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as to just share my wonderful experience. Birth happens every day, but each one is just as unique & miraculous in itself. I feel life should be endlessly celebrated so this is my continual feast dedicated to my daughter. I hope that when you leave here you feel a little more informed & joyful & take the time to celebrate your own life as well.

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Documentation of the Labor- the labor was documented with a letter by me detailing the whole day, along with its emotions, as well as by 2 photographers. One was my friend Mel who took as many pictures as she could with my crummy camera, the other was my midwifes daughter who was doing a finial project on pregnancy & birth for her photography course. 

These pictures are graphic so please use discretion, but I am glad to share them because I believe a natural childbirth IS achievable & very rewarding.

URL: http://heybeby.itgo.com/
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